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We offer truly expert cleaning.  All work is inspected by a certified rug appraiser and then performed by hand in a cold water bath using soaps that are PH-balanced to the specific wools, dyes, and other features of your rug. We can also clean Navajo and silk rugs, and can typically eliminate past color bleeding or other difficult stains.  Our process is labor intensive, but it is the only way to ensure proper cleaning of a hand-knotted oriental rug!


 ​​​(719) 634-6073 



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The care of your Oriental Rug is very important. In fact, regular cleaning can extend the life of your rug by more than 800%.  Rugs should be cleaned approximately every 5 years in average traffic areas; drop your small rugs off for a FREE estimate, or call us to schedule a pick-up!

We can handle all of your repair needs, from simple re-fringing to full restoration and reweaving.  We can even prepare your rugs for wall hanging. We will inspect each piece prior to any work, and provide the lowest possible estimate to help you decide whether a repair makes sense.